Rained Illusion II - Greeting Card

Rained Illusion II - Greeting Card

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Gorgeous greeting card with Rained Illiusion II print by Katie Berns Lee, nature photographer. Blank Inside. 


About Katie: 

My name is Katie, and I'm a visual artist, photographer, musician, and strong advocate of conscious living. The short version of me is that I am an individual who captures the beauty around her while on the deep spiritual path of life. But for the long version, stay tuned and let me tell you a little story about myself.

Years ago, upon falling into extreme circumstances in my life, I was forced–yes, forced–onto a hard spiritual path (call me up if you've heard of someone whose spiritual initiation was eazyy). At this point, I had no choice but to evaluate who I was and who I wanted to be. After years of searching, I began a program that called for me to observe my thoughts and behaviors to see how my consciousness and perception influenced my reality. This was just the start of how I quickly came to realize who I was and where this "Katie Berns Lee" dealio came from.

As I began to observe my universe more specifically each day, I fell into a pattern of seeing beauty in everything–and I mean everything. There is always beauty to be seen, even in the most undesirable of circumstances, and especially when your butt is in the mud (every damn day). And so I saw the beauty in my own situation as well as in every aspect of the world around me.

Now my pictures! I had already been creating "imagined" surrealist art for awhile, but one day I decided to take a picture of nature–of something real. I had only ever imagined what I wanted my art to be, but I never realized the most beautiful art was right in front of me. I actually used to think nature was...so...boring. At first my photography adventures were aimless and arbitrary, but I soon realized how deeply I was seeing what others were telling me they did not. I was really "seeing" nature, intimately and innately. I saw every color, texture, and nuance available for one to see, and I wanted to show it to people. 

My newfound love for nature was a large part of my perceptual shift. I had never seen such "small" and taken-for-granted details, both in myself and in the world around me, in these ways before. And I would never take that for granted again. 

I now see the beauty in everyone and everything as often as I can. It isn't easy, and it has caused much loss and heartbreak as I break out of old patterns and call forth the new into my life, but it has brought to my life a richness like none other. And so I continue. (I will also mention that dropping "the sarcasm" was a huuuuge deal for me–it was my greatest defense–but it helped me come back to my goofy innocence without having to look smart or clever, because that's...exhausting, lemme tell you.

These photos are a representation of my soul, and I hope you can feel that when you look at them. Please feel free to ask me about the origin of any of them, as they each have a special birth story. 

To contact me:

Check out my Insta here.

Email me here.